Come utilizzare i dati di settore per la Market & Competitive Intelligence


Da un articolo pubblicato recentemente su"3 tips for using industry research to your advantage", alcuni spunti di riflessione su come utilizzare i dati di settore a proprio vantaggio attraverso la triangolazione con le ricerche di mercato, l'utilizzo congiunto di fonti gratuite e a pagamento e la ricerca di informazioni sulla concorrenza.

 One of the many challenges of running a successful business is that markets change. It’s natural: Tastes shift, technology advances, and the consumers you target today may look and behave differently from those in the market tomorrow.

So if markets are a moving target, it is critically important for businesses to have industry research. Without the right industry data, it’s like entering a skeet-shooting tournament wearing a blindfold: You can compete, but you’re not going to win.


Here are 3 ways to use industry statistics to your advantage.


1. Track consumers’ changing needs and wants.

Nearly every business carefully catalogs and mines its own customers’ behavior, as well they should. But customer data can’t tell you everything. Supplementing customer data with industry data can lead you to new revenue, or prevent you from going astray.

Take the online travel industry, for example. It has been growing at a double-digit pace for years. So all’s well, right?

It is — if those in the trade are paying attention to the shift to mobile devices. (...) online travel bookings are shifting sharply to mobile devices. Consumers surveyed from around the world used cellphones and other mobile devices for 56.7 percent of online travel bookings in 2018, up from 51.5 percent in 2017.

Anyone who makes money from online travelers — from the online giants in the travel booking business to the boutique hotel — had best check their websites on a cellphone to see how easy it is to use. Industry data sources say that’s how most consumers are booking their vacations.


2. Guide the selection of new products.

(...) market research data need not be expensive. It’s available for free through government sources online. If you join an industry association, access to industry research is often included with the price of admission.

Retailers, for example, would be foolish not to peek periodically at the Census Bureau’s retail reports, which aggregate sales data on a host of industries. You can view it online or download it into a spreadsheet.

You can also use digital tools to generate your own trend data — and you don’t even have to be a nerd. Google Trends, for example, lets you quickly build your own data set centered on the key terms that your customers are typing into a browser.

You can also find market statistics on websites like or, where research specialists are available to assist you at no extra cost to you.


3. Keep an eye on the competitive landscape.

Thinking of entering a new line of business? You’ll want to see who the competition is, and that’s where industry research can flash you a red or green light.

Landscaping industry statistics, for example, paint a picture of a highly fractured competitive landscape, with a huge number of small, but highly experienced, players. (...) These kind of statistics can also be particularly useful in industries with an international component. (...)

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